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María Luisa Jiménez

Illustration, art, Drawing, all those words has always been part of my life. It gave me the freedom to live in differents worlds and to imagine spectaculars adventures where I was the main character of my own story. I too love to write so It was the perfect complement to my imaginary world.

When I finished High School I decided that living of my art was a good Idea, so I studied Illustration in Valencia, Venezuela. It not just open my mind in an artistic way but I learned a lot meeting so many different people with a totally different mindset.

I have been really lucky because I have traveled a lot since I graduated, I went to Bournemouth, England to study English, while I did a Creative writing course. There I tried first hand what it was to be independent, I met so many different cultures and I learned so many things that it was hard for me when was time to return to Venezuela.

But when I went back I started working on design in a professional way and after a while I met who is now my husband! we dicided to travel to Barcelona and a new adventure began!

Barcelona was a great experience! I did a Master in Digital Edition and I learned a lot about UX, digital magazines and to tell stories now in an interactive way.

Back in Venezuela I focused on my art and started working as a full-time freelancer.

Later on after getting married and found out I was pregnant we dicided to moved to Spain again!! We first lived in A Coruña, Galicia. After a year of cold weather we decided it was time to move somewhere warmer and we discovered paradise the Canary Island!

We are now really happy here with my big boy Lucas and our new member of the family baby Martin who are the primary inspiration to my illustrations!

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